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"Hazel" was an United States indie rock band based in Portland, Oregon. The group was a quartet, consisting of Jody Bleyle (drums and vocals), Pete Krebs (guitar and vocals), Brady Smith (bass), and Fred Nemo (dance).

The group was formed on Valentine's Day of 1992. Although based in the Pacific Northwest and active during the "grunge" movement in rock music, Hazel's music was different from most grunge in that it featured both male and female vocals as well as a more melodic sound that could be fairly accurately described as "power pop". Hazel's music was not particularly intricate musically, relying on a few chords, sheer energy (many songs being played at breakneck speed), and vocal intensity. Interestingly, rather than singing together in harmony, Krebs and Bleyle often sang completely different parts that answered or intertwined with one another. The majority of lyrics dealt with problems regarding relationships, including the regret and resentment following a breakup ("Everybody's Best Friend") or the anxiety felt while attempting to begin a relationship ("Day Glo").

The group was also notable for featuring the dancer Fred Nemo as a full member. Often dressed ...

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