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Hazen Street

"Hazen Street" is a pop punk supergroup that formed in early 2004. They became known after touring with P.O.D. in the summer of 2004. Hazen Street also played on the Vans Warped Tour in support of their record, which was released in July on DC Flag Records, which is an Epic Records imprint owned by Benji and Joel Madden of Good Charlotte. The band features Freddy Cricien and Hoya of hardcore band Madball; Toby Morse of melodic hardcore band H2O, David Kennedy of pop punk band Boxcar Racer and newly formed Angels and Airwaves, and Mackie James of hardcore band The Cro-Mags. Chad Gilbert of Shai Hulud and later New Found Glory co-wrote and helped record every song on the album, but couldn't join full-time due to a contract dispute.

*Toby Morse - Vocals

*Freddy Cricien - Vocals

*David Kennedy - Guitar

*Hoya - Bass

*Mackie James - Drums

*Chad Gilbert - Songwriter

*''Hazen Street'' - 2004

*Supergroup (bands)

*Angels and Airwaves

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