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He Is Legend

"He Is Legend" is a hard rock band signed to Solid State Records. Their unique sound, self-described as dirt rock, fuses a classic rock tinge with post hardcore. The band released their first album in June of 2004 entitled "91025". This album was quickly followed by the release of "I Am Hollywood" in November after the band signed on with Solid State Records. He is Legend's first music video "The Seduction" was released in early 2005. The band has its roots in Wilmington, NC where they previously played under the names of Stronghold (with vocalist William Evans), The Uriah Omen, and No One Wins. The band recently concluded the recording of their third album, "Suck Out the Poison," in Los Angeles. This album is set to be released October 3rd, 2006.


*''91025'' (Tribunal Records, June 2004)

*''Black Unicorn Split'' (Future Tense Records, June 2006)


*''I Am Hollywood'' (Solid State Records, November 2004)

*''Suck Out the Poison'' (Solid State Records, October 3, 2006)

*Schuylar Croom - vocals

*Adam Tanbouz - lead guitar

*Matt Williams - bass

*McKenzie Bell - guitar

*Steven Bache - drums

*Schuylar, the lead singer, is in the new music...

years active 2003 – Present
origin Wilmington, North Carolina
music genre Southern Rock, Christian Emo
current members Schuylar Croom,
Adam Tanbouz,
Matt Williams (musician)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia