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Hecate Enthroned

"Hecate Enthroned" are a symphonic black metal band from the North of England.

The band formed in 1993 under the name ''Daemonum'' by singer Jon and guitarist Nigel. After a few practices and recording a demo, vocalist Jon left the band after taking up an offer to join Cradle of Filth as their bassist. A year or so later, Jon rejoined and they changed their name to Hecate Enthroned, this time playing a more melodic black metal style. In 1995 they recorded their demo "Ode for a Haunted Wood", which got the attention of the British label Blackend Records. Blackend had it re-mastered under the title ''Under Promethean Shores (Unscriptured Waters)'' in 1996.

1997 saw the release of their first full-length album, ''The Slaughter of Innocence (A Requiem for the Mighty)'', as well as subsequent tours with bands like Dark Funeral, Enthroned, Sigh and Usurper. Though this release, many others ridiculed the band for "copying" fellow countrymen Cradle of Filth's sound, mainly in Jon's vocal approach, though upon first listen, both bands' sounds were quite different; Hecate Enthroned's being more guitar influenced and straight-forward in terms of arrangement versus Cradle ...

years active 1993-present
status Active
country England
music genre Black Metal
Death Metal
current members Dean - Vocals
Nigel - Guitars
Andy - Guitars
Dylan - Bass
Rob - Drums
Pete - Keyboards
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia