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< Unsourced image removed: Helium. Left to right: Ash Bowie, Mary Timony, Shawn King Devlin, 1995Photo:Dennis Kleiman -->"Helium" was an American indie rock trio formed in the summer of 1992 by former Autoclave member Mary Timony (electric guitar and vocals) with Shawn King Devlin (drums) and Brian Dunton (electric bass guitar). Their first release was a 7" single entitled ''The American Jean'' (1993), which was followed by the 7" ''Hole in the Ground''. They released their first EP, ''Pirate Prude'', in 1994. Shortly after the release of ''Pirate Prude'' Brian Dunton left the band and Polvo member Ash Bowie joined on bass. In 1995 they released their first full length release, ''The Dirt of Luck'', to critical acclaim and played the second stage of Lollapalooza. Adam Lasus produced and engineered ''The Dirt of Luck'' and every release leading up to that. In 1997 the group released the EP ''No Guitars'' before releasing their second album ''The Magic City'' that same year. Not much longer after that (in 1997 or 1998) Helium was disbanded with Mary off to begin her solo career.


*''The Dirt of Luck'' 1995


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