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Hell Is For Heroes

"Hell Is For Heroes" are a British post-hardcore band who formed in Camden, London, in September 2000. Will McGonagle and Joe Birch were previously in the band Symposium.

After being dropped by their record label EMI in 2004, they released their second album independently before signing a deal with Burning Heart Records, who subsequently re-released it in 2006. Their debut album was voted 58th best British rock album ever by the readers of Kerrang! magazine in the Feb19 2004 issue.

*Justin Schlosberg - Vocals

*William McGonagle - Guitar

*Tom O'Donoghue - Guitar

*James Findlay - Bass

*Joe Birch - Drums

*''The Neon Handshake'' (2003)

*''Transmit Disrupt'' (2005)

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li:Hell Is For He

years active 2000 – present
origin Camden, London
music genre Post-Hardcore
current members Justin Schlosberg
William McGonagle
Tom O'Donoghue
James Findlay
Joe Birch
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia