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As high school students Spencer Seim and Zach Hill were both members of the NorCal band Legs on Earth. The band achieved some moderate local success, becoming renowned for their wild live shows and Primus-esque sound. In February 2001 when Legs on Earth broke up, Zach and Spencer decided they wanted to continue playing together and pursue a less mainstream sound. According to Zach, they didn't always intend to remain a duo, though: "We had intentions to start a band that was like... Kinda like what we were doing with just the two of us, but with more people. But, we couldn't find the other people so we decided to do it just with the two of us."

Hella's earliest recording was the self-released ''Leather Diamond'' EP, hand-assembled in a nondescript cardboard sleeve and sold at some of their first shows. On March 19, 2002 they debuted proper with the full-length ''Hold Your Horse Is'' LP on 5 Rue Christine Records (a subsidiary of Seattle, Washington based Kill Rock Stars Records). On these recordings the band forged their classic sound, playing minimally arranged, abrasive instrumentals that still retain an idiosyncratic sense of melody. The ''Falam Dynasty'' 7" was also re...

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