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"The Hellacopters" are a Swedish indie band formed in 1994.

The 1st Hellacopters rehearsal took place on November 4th, 1994, as just a jam session. Initially started as a side-project by then-Entombed drummer Nicke Andersson (vocals/guitar), with Backyard Babies guitarist Dregen (guitar), Kenny Håkansson (bass), and Robert Eriksson (drums), the band released their first single - 'Killing Alan' - in January 1995 on their own Psychout label. The single was recorded in only 3 takes.

After releasing another single, '1995', the Hellacopters were signed by White Jazz Records and they released their debut album 'Supershitty to the Max' in June 1996. They then toured extensively, picking up a Swedish Grammy for their album, and recruiting Anders Lindström shortly before they supported KISS on their Scandinavian dates in June 1997. After these dates, they released their follow-up album 'Payin' the Dues'. Due to the success of his new band, Andersson left his Entombed to concentrate on the Hellacopters

In early 1998 the band toured Europe supporting Gluecifer, while Dregen left the band to concentrate on his old band, the Backyard Babies, after the tour. With stand-in gui...

Background group or band
Origin Sweden
Genre Rock
Years active 1994 to Present
Associated acts Entombed
Backyard Babies
website Official site
Current members Nicke Royale
Jens Robert Dahlqvist
Kenny Håkansson
Matz Robert Eriksson
Anders Lindström
Past members Dregen
Sue Ellen
Jerry Lee Hellacopter
Matias Hellberg
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia