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Helloween is a German power/speed metal band founded in the early 1980s by members of the two bands Ironfist and Powerfool. Helloween are known as major innovators of power metal.

The original line-up featured Kai Hansen (Vocals/Guitars), Michael Weikath (Guitars), Markus Grosskopf (Bass) and Ingo Schwichtenberg (Drums). In 1984 the band had signed a deal with Noise Records (see 1984 in music) and recorded two songs for a Noise compilation record called Death Metal. The two tracks were "Oernst Of Life" by Weikath, and Hansen's "Metal Invaders" which later on ended up in a faster version on the bands first full-length album.

1985 came around and Helloween then recorded their first record Helloween, a self-titled EP containing 5 tracks. The EP was successful, and during that same year they recorded and released their first full-length album titled Walls of Jericho which became a critical smash, with its innovative mixture of speed and melodies redefining heavy metal. (In Fact, WWE Wrestler Chris Jericho took his stage name from the album, as well as the name of his signature submission move Walls Of Jer...

years active 1984 - present
music genre Power Metal, Speed Metal, Heavy metal music
status Active
origin Hamburg
country Germany
current members Andi Deris
Michael Weikath
Sascha Gerstner
Markus Grosskopf
Dany Loeble
past members Kai Hansen
Michael Kiske
Ingo Schwichtenberg
Roland Grapow
Uli Kusch
Mark Cross
Stefan Schwarzmann
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia

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