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"Hepburn" were "Jamie Benson" (vocals), "Lisa Lister" (guitar), "Sarah Davies" (bass), "Beverley Fullen" (drums) and "Tasha Bayliss" (drums, replacement for Fullen). They were a four-piece British all-girl pop band who formed in 1999. Their first single ''"I Quit"'' was used on the soundtrack to the TV series ''Buffy the Vampire Slayer''. They disbanded in summer 2000 after being dropped by their record label, having released a number of singles and one full length album. Their name is inspired by the actress Audrey Hepburn.



* ''I Quit'' (1999)

* ''Bugs'' (1999)

* ''Deep Deep Down'' (1999)


* ''Hepburn'' (self-titled) 2000

* Hepburn Audio Clip Source

* Sarah Davies Website


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