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Herman Brood

"Herman Brood" (pronounced "Broat" /bro:t/; Zwolle, November 5, 1946 – Amsterdam, July 11, 2001) was a Dutch musician, painter and media personality. Brood was the Dutch personification of ''sex, drugs and rock 'n roll''.

After playing piano in Cuby and the Blizzards and several other bands since 1964, Brood started his own group, Herman Brood and His Wild Romance, in 1977. The band had their first hit single, ''Saturday Night'', in 1978. But even more than his music, it was his outspoken statements in the press about sex and drug use that made Herman Brood famous in the Netherlands. For a while in the early Eighties he was romantically involved with similarly outrageous German artist, Nina Hagen, with whom he appeared together in the movie ''Cha Cha.'' Brood relished the media attention and became the most famous hard drug user of the Netherlands. In the 1990s he took up painting and became as successful as a painter as he was as a musician.

With the band 'Herman Brood and his Wild Romance' he made his best known album 'Schpritz' (a play on the German word for injection needle), containing anti-drug use songs like 'Dope Sucks', but also 'Saturday Night'. Brood swor...

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