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"Hey" is a rock band from Szczecin, Poland. One of Poland's most popular music acts of the 1990s, the band was founded in 1992 by guitarist Piotr Banach and charismatic lead singer Kasia Nosowska.

Although Hey sometimes described themselves as Poland's first grunge band, their melodic, guitar-driven rock and eclectic appearance owed more to New Wave and heavy metal influences; their first three albums contained songs in both Polish and English. During the band's mid-1990s heyday, they sold out stadiums throughout Poland, and attempted to break into the English-language market with a series of concerts overseas and an English version of their 1995 album ''?''. When this failed to arouse interest, the band began to write in Polish only, and gradually adopted a harder-edged, more industrial-influenced sound.

Nosowska also had some success as a solo artist, beginning with her 1996 album ''Puk Puk'' (Knock Knock), recorded when she was pregnant and unable to tour, which exhibited a mellow sound far removed from that of Hey.

*Fire (1993)

*Ho! (1994)

*Live! (1994)

*Heledore (EP, 1995)

*? (Question Mark) (1995)

*? (English version, 1995)

*Karma (1997)...

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