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Hilltop Hoods

The "Hilltop Hoods" are an Australian hip hop group, originating from Adelaide, South Australia. Their members (June 2006) are MCs Suffa, Pressure, DJ Debris and formerly DJ Next. They work under the Obese Records record label.

The group formed in the early 1990s when MCs Suffa and Pressure met at Blackwood High School. They joined up with DJ Debris through a mutual friend and formed the basis for the group. Early on in the history of the Hilltop Hoods DJ Next did all of the scratches and regularly competed in the local DMC tournaments. In the late 1990's DJ Next chose to pursue a different career path after the release of ''A Matter of Time'' and moved to Sydney. DJ Debris who was previously producer became the main DJ. DJ Next remains in contact with the Hilltop Hoods.

Influences include American hip hop artists such as KRS-One, Gang Starr and Public Enemy. An appreciation of such music encouraged the spread this style of music to Australia, although the Hilltop Hoods rap with their natural Australian accents.

Their name comes from a suburb in south-eastern Adelaide known by the local youth as the Hilltop, where Suffa and Pressure were raised. The name "Hilltop...

origin Adelaide
country Australia
years active early 1990s–present
music genre Australian hip-hop
current members Suffa
past members DJ Next
website hilltop hoods.htm Hilltop Hoods @ Obese Records
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia