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"Himsa" is an American metalcore band hailing from Seattle, Washington. Himsa is a Hindi/Sankrit word which means 'violence'. The band formed sometime in 1998 and released an independent EP and full-length album in 1999. Before being signed to Prosthetic Records, the band released one more EP in 2001.

2003 saw Himsa record and release their breakthrough album ''Courting Tragedy and Disaster''. Following the release of the album the band toured extensively throughout the US and other parts of the world. They spent the latter half of 2005 in Denmark, recording their followup album, ''Hail Horror''. This album was released in early 2006 and displays a great deal of evolution in the bands' songwriting and skills. In comparison to ''Courting Tragedy and Disaster'', ''Hail Horror'' is a bit darker and heavier and features some more blistering guitar work from players Kirby Johnson and Sammi Curr (who returned to the band following a brief hiatus throughout 2004 and some of 2005). The album is also a step up production-wise.

Himsa is currently on tour and will join such bands as Shadows Fall and Darkest Hour for a few select dates this summer on the 2006 edition of the Strhess T...

years active 1998 – present
origin Seattle, Washington
music genre Metalcore
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia