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Holly Dunn

"Holly Dunn" is a country music artist who first found fame with the release of her 1986 hit "Daddy's Hands" from her self-titled début album. Dunn was born on August 22, 1957 in San Antonio, Texas, the daughter of a minister father. Her brother is country music songwriter Chris Waters, with whom she has co-written much of her recorded material. Her musical style usually combines elements of country and rock music, with an occasional gospel-flavored tune mixed in. In 2003, this multi-talented woman announced her retirement from her musical career in order to devote full time to her other passion, art. Her paintings deal primarily with subjects from the southwestern United States, and are available through the Peña Studio and Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

*''Holly Dunn'' (1986)

*''Cornerstone'' (1987)

*''Across the Rio Grande'' (1988)

*''The Blue Rose of Texas'' (1989)

*''Heart Full of Love'' (1990)

*''Getting It Dunn'' (1992)

*''Life and Love and All the Stages'' (1995)

*''Leave One Bridge Standing'' (1997)

*''Full Circle'' (2003)


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