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Hoodoo Gurus

"Hoodoo Gurus" are a rock band from Sydney, Australia, although three of the original members Dave Faulkner, Rod Radalj and James Baker were originally from Perth.

Both Radalj and Baker were members of the original line-up of Perth band The Scientists; Faulkner and Baker were also members of Perth punk band The Victims.

Originally called "Le Hoodoo Gurus" when they formed in 1981, they soon dropped the "Le" to become simply Hoodoo Gurus.

Original member Kimble Rendall (formerly of XL-Capris) left in 1982 just prior to the release of their first single and went on to become a noted music video director; he was effectively replaced by Clyde Bramley.

Radalj was not happy with this outcome and left the band to be replaced by ex-Fun Things guitarist Brad Shepherd who had been in Bramley's previous band. Radalj went on to perform with a number of other acts, including The Johnnys and Love Rodeo.

With a repertoire of strong original compositions by Faulkner, their sound combined elements of Sixties power-pop, bubblegum pop, Beatle-esque harmonies, psychedelia and grungy garage rock, highlighted by the impressive guitar work of Shepherd. Hoodoo Gurus were t...

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