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"Hooverphonic" is a Belgian rock/pop group formed in 1996. Though early on categorized as a trip hop group, they quickly expanded their sound to the point where they could no longer be pigeonholed into one genre. The band originally called themselves Hoover, but later changed their name to Hooverphonic after discovering other groups were already using the Hoover name.

The original members of the group were vocalist Liesje Sadonius, keyboardist Frank DuchĂȘne, bass guitarist and programmer Alex Callier, and guitarist Raymond Geerts. The band achieved international recognition through the inclusion of the track "2Wicky" (from ''A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular'') on the soundtrack to Bernardo Bertolucci's 1996 film ''Stealing Beauty''.

Sadonius left Hooverphonic on amicable terms shortly after the release of ''A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular''. Kyoko Baertsoen, singer for Belgian band Lunascape, filled in for Sadonius for a European tour in 1997 before Geike Arnaert was made the permanent singer in early 1998.

After an extensive European tour with artists such as Massive Attack, Morcheeba and Apollo 440, and a tour opening for Fiona Apple in the United States in...

years active 1995–present
country Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
music genre Rock (music)
current members Geike Arnaert
Alex Callier
Raymond Geerts
past members Frank DuchĂȘne
Liesje Sadonius
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia