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Hot Tuna

Hot Tuna is an American band, formed by bassist Jack Casady and guitarist Jorma Kaukonen as an acoustic (and occasionally electric blues) spin-off of Jefferson Airplane. The original working name of the band was Hot Shit, but cooler heads at RCA records prevailed. In friendly retaliation for this censoring, the band's fans often refer to them loudly as "Hot Fucking Tuna." Their early repertoire was derived mainly from the American country blues artists such as Rev. Gary Davis and Arthur Blake (Blind Blake). Casady and Kaukonen added Will Scarlett on harmonica and recorded 1969's Hot Tuna, which was followed by a long series of well received albums that played mostly to a small but devoted cult following. The band added violinist Papa John Creech and released albums First Pull Up, Then Pull Down (1971) and Burgers (1972). With such later albums as America's Choice (1975), Yellow Fever (1975), and Hoppkorv (1976), the band became a power trio with drummer Bob Steeler and turned to heavy rock. They are often considered a forerunner of modern jam bands, such as Phish.

Casady and Kaukonen went their separate ways ...

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