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Hum are a space rock band from Champaign, Illinois. They have not been consistently active as a recording or touring group since 2000.

= The initial line-up of the band formed in 1989, with vocalist and guitarist Andy Switzky, guitarist Matt Talbott, bassist Akis Boyatzis, and drummer Jeff Kropp. Matt and Andy met at a cafe named Treno's where the latter worked. Discussions about music led to the two forming the nucleus of a Hum. Matt had previously played in the local group We Ate Plato and was presently a member of Honcho Overload; Andy had performed in the semi-serious live band Obvious Man and had studio experience with Designer Mustard Gas.

The group performed at Akis' basement for their initial months. Due to a suggestion from Rick Valentin of Poster Children, the band chose the name (over contenders like Grendel's Arm, Pod, and Feedbag), an intentional vague description of their sound, and went through a second drummer before overhearing Bryan St. Pere playing along to a Rush record out of his apartment window and recruiting him.

This line-up was not to last long, though, as Akis left home for Greece in 1990. Local musician Joe Futrelle, wh...

years active 1989-2000
origin Champaign, Illinois
country United States
music genre Space rock
current members Matt Talbott
Tim Lash
Jeff Dimpsey
Bryan St. Pere
past members Andy Switzky (1989-1993)
Akis Boyatzis (1989-1990)
Jeff Kropp (1989-1990)
Joe Futrelle (1990)
Rod Van Huis (1990-1991)
Baltie de Lay (1991-1993)
website Official site
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia

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