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Human Nature

"Human Nature" is an Australian boy band and pop vocal group. The group was originally formed as a doo-wop band in 1989 while the current members were at school together in Sydney. So far, the band has had 17 Top 40 hits and five Top 10 hits in Australia since 1996 when their first album ''Telling Everybody'' was released. Human Nature's 3 follow-up albums all went multi-platinum in Australia. The band has also enjoyed some chart success internationally.

Brothers Andrew and Michael Tierney joined with Toby Allen and Phil Burton in 1989 while at Hurlstone Agricultural High School representing their school in a talent contest at the Bankstown Town Hall. The quartet were known as the 4Trax, a name that they retained until they began their recording career. The band performed "Earth Angel" a 1950s hit for The Penguins.

After an initial stint as buskers, Human Nature started performing in clubs and built up a following winning several awards as club entertainers. They started sending demos off to record labels. The story goes that the band was signed to Sony Music Australia after performing "People Get Ready" written by Curtis Mayfield as a hit for his group The Impressio...

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