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Humble Pie

:''For the phrase ""eat humble pie"" and its origin, see humble pie.''

"Humble Pie" were an English rock music band, best known for their hard-rocking recordings and concert performances.

The band initially consisted of Steve Marriott (formerly of The Small Faces; lead vocals, guitar, keyboards), Peter Frampton (from Herd; lead guitar), Greg Ridley (from Spooky Tooth; bass) and Jerry Shirley (from Valkyrie; drums).

The joining of all these fairly known players resulted in Humble Pie being considered a bit of a “supergroup”. Worried about great expectations, the group began working together in secret at Marriott's cottage in Moreton, Essex.

Signed to Andrew Loog Oldham's Immediate Records, their debut single "Natural Born Boogie" was rushed out in 1969 and was a UK number five hit; it was quickly followed by the album ''As Safe As Yesterday Is'', praised as a progressive album in the vein of The Small Faces. Their second album ''Town and Country'' was also released in 1969 and featured a more acoustic sound. Humble Pie concerts at this time featured an acoustic set followed by an electric set, an approach that would become popular ...

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