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I Am Kloot

"I Am Kloot" is a band formed in Manchester, England in 1999 by John Bramwell (guitar/vocals), Peter Jobson (bass) and Andy Hargreaves (drums), notable for their twisted, witty lyrics. Debut album ''Natural History'' was released in the UK in March 2001 on Wall of Sound offshoot We Love You, followed by ''I Am Kloot'' in September 2003 on the Echo label.

Disputes and issues with the label began to arise towards the end of the promotional campaign for their sophomore album, when Echo said that ''Proof'' would be a single. Artwork had been agreed and a tracklist too, they had even gone so far to commission a video by Krishna Stott featuring Christopher Eccleston (who would later star in the new ''Doctor Who'' television series) contributing a powerful scene. But Echo shelved these ideas and ended up issuing the single as a download only, although a few copies were issued in Europe on the PIAS imprint.

Their third LP ''Gods And Monsters'' was released in April 2005, again on the Echo label but issues with the label again cancelling a single at short notice, this time ''I Believe'', leading to the band leaving the label, citing a lack of financial support. Later that year they iss...

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