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I Against I

"''I Against I"'' is an alternative rock album by Bad Brains, released in 1986 (see 1986 in music) as SST Records number 65. The highest selling album in the band's catalogue, ''I Against I'' is a critically acclaimed album of American punk rock mixed with funk, soul, and heavy metal. Oddly enough, it is the only Bad Brains album that does not include reggae music.

The title ''I Against I'' presumably refers to a common Rastafarian phrase, ''I and I'', which is used in place of the first-person plural (e.g. ''we'') in order to signify the union of the speaker, audience, and Jah (God) in love and peace.

# "Intro"

# "I Against I"

# "House of Suffering"

# "Re-Ignition"

# "Secret 77"

# "Let Me Help"

# "She's Calling You"

# "Sacred Love"

# "Hired Gun"

# "Return to Heaven"


HR - vocals

Dr. Know - guitar

Darryl Jennifer - bass

Earl Hudson - drums

*Ron St. Germain - Producer

*Phil Burnett - Engineer

*Patch - Mixing

*Anthony Countey - Management

*Jesse Henderson - Assistant Engineer at Longview Farm, Worcester, MA

*Bill Ryan - Assistant Engineer at Longview Farm, Worcester, MA

*Eddie Krupski - Assista...

Type Album
Artist Bad Brains
Cover BadBrainsIAgainstI.jpg
Background Orange
Released US: November 1986 UK: February 1987
Recorded ?
Genre Alternative Rock
Length 31:53
Producer ?
website Official site
Last album ''Rock for Light''
This album '''''I Against I'''''
Next album ''The Youth Are Getting Restless''
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia