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Icarus Line

"The Icarus Line" is a rock band from Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. The band is known for playing a very abrasive form of rock music both compliant and contrary to music trends from the late 1990s and early 2000s. The band has also received considerable notoriety for their loud, energetic stageshows and for their seemingly reckless or 'tough' attitude off-stage.

"The band's current line-up is":

*vocals: Joe Cardamone

*guitar: Alvin DeGuzman

*drums: Jeff 'The Captain' Watson

"Former members include:"

*guitar: Aaron "Icarus" North (now with Nine Inch Nails)

*bass: Lance Arnao

*drums: Aaron Austin

*bass: Don Devore

*drums: John Guerra

*drums: Mike Felix

*drums: Troy Petrey

*drums: Tim Childs

The Icarus Line was formed in 1998 with Joe Cardamone on vocals, Aaron North on guitar, Lance Arnao on bass and Aaron Austin on drums. After their first tour they added Alvin DeGuzman as a second guitarist. At this time they released their first 7 inch EP ''Highlypuncturingnoisetestingyourabilitytohate'' on Hellcat Records. They released the ''Red and Black Attack'' EP later that year. Between 1998 and 2000 the band went through 4 different drummers. W...

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