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Ich Troje

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"Ich Troje" is a Polish pop group made up of Michał Wiśniewski, Jacek Łągwa, Magdalena Pokora (aka Magda Femme, 1996-2000), Justyna Majkowska (2000-2003) and Ania Wiśniewska (since 2003).

Ich Troje was conceived in 1997 by songwriter Michal Wisniewski and composer Jacek Łągwa. Wisniewski, the charismatic red-haired singer, has been the most popular person in Polish show business for several years. The group's name can be translated as "The Three of Them."

The group's music is castigated by the critics, and Michał Wisniewski frankly claims himself, that he can't actually sing. Nevertheless, since about 2000, Ich Troje has been the most popular Polish group. In the last two years Ich Troje has given over 300 concerts. Their fans come from different backgrounds: from amused children to pensioners in tears. Their concerts are great shows that combine the power of pop music with the verve of a musical. They talk about love, betrayal, break-ups in a dramatic atmosphere. Now they hope that people from other countries will also enjoy their songs because, as Michal sings, there shouldn’t be any bo...

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