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Julio Iglesias

Julio José Iglesias de la Cueva (born September 23, 1943 in Madrid, Spain) is Spain's best selling singer and the best-selling Spanish singer of all time. Julio Iglesias has sold over 250 million records in different languages and released 77 records. He thus far has performed approximately 5,000 concerts during his career. ==Early career to 1978=

Julio was the son of Julio Iglesias, Sr. a doctor. He was a professional football player with Real Madrid, where he played as goalkeeper. During this time, he also enrolled in law school. He had an accident that dashed his hopes of becoming a great soccer player, but during his period in bed, he started to compose songs. He received a certificate as a lawyer from Cambridge University a little later.

In 1968, he won the Benidorm International Song Festival, a songwriter's contest in Spain, and signed a contract with a Columbia Records Latin music label, Discos Columbia. He represented Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1970, finishing fourth behind Northern Irish singer Dana Scallon, and the Welsh singer Mary Hopkin. His entry was the song "Gwendolyne" which was his first recording. Du...

origin Madrid, Spain
years active 1960- present
music genre Latin
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia

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