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Ikara Colt

"Ikara Colt" was a four piece art-rock band that was formed by art students at London Guildhall University and had a five year career, starting in 1999 and splitting on the 17th of January 2005. Ikara Colt had stated in interviews that they would disband before they " turn into some old, tired and jaded outfit" and this they duly did. Ikara Colt`s sonic assault seemed to be directed at expressing frustration and dissatisfaction at society and British culture in general. They did not operate in any particular music scene or creative movement and supported diverse bands while touring. They signed with a British Independent label Fantastic Plastic and Epitaph in America. Ikara Colt forged its minimalist sound through the use of linear guitar structures, a psychotic rhythm section and socially reflective lyrics. The NME once described them as " the cocked and loaded shotgun against the temple of popular culture, just daring it to get any more boring" and for a time this was apt. The original line up (1999-2003) was the superior band both in live and recorded sessions. The departure of Jon Ball in 2003 was unfortunate and his replacement Tracey Bellaries was misjudged, the band never cr...
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