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"Impaled" is a death metal band from Oakland, California.

The band was founded by guitarist Sean McGrath, who joined with drummer Raul Varela, guitarist Jared Deaver (formerly of Deeds of Flesh and Severed Savior) and bassist Ron Dorn to record their 1998 demo "Septic Vomit".

In 1999, after replacing Deaver with Leon del Muerte and Ron Dorn with Ross Sewage (both of Exhumed) the band released their second demo, ''From Here to Colostomy'', for which the band gained some recognition. A year later, the band were invited to contribute to a split album with deathgrind band Cephalic Carnage by Italian label Headfucker Records. The band then released their first full-length album ''The Dead Shall Dead Remain'', followed by a tour of the US with Nile and Incantation.

In the same year, the band went on to release a 7" split with Engorged and toured again, this time with death metal bands Vader and Skinless. Soon after the tour, Leon del Muerte departed, only to be replaced by guitarist Andrew LaBarre.

The new line-up recorded ''Mondo Medicale'' in 2002, to critical acclaim amongst metal fans, but also public scrutiny, with the album cover art supposedly being banned...

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