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"Imperanon" are a melodic black metal band from Finland. They are similar in sound to band such as Children of Bodom, Norther, and Kalmah.

Drummer Jaakko and former guitarist Asko Sartanen formed Imperanon in autumn 1999. Soon after Aleksi Sihvonen and Eki Nurmikari joined Imperanon, and band recorded their first demo "Until The End" in 2002. Imperanon proved already then to have a good grasp for sparkling melodies mixed with powerful riffs and rough, haunting vocals. During the fall of 2002 musical differences between Asko and the rest of the band climaxed to the separation of Asko from the group.

To ImperanonĀ“s fortune, Aleksi Virta was found to play keyboards and with him came Lauri Koskenniemi, at least as good with the 6 string as Virta with his keys. The next demo, "Imperanon", was completed in 2003 and left quite a mark amongst metal journalists and fans. Raving reviews and first gigs in several Finnish clubs substantiated the young band's amazing skills. And not surprisingly, "Imperanon" went out of stock very soon.

Eventually, Imperanon's new songs led to a recording ...

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