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Indian Summer

"Indian Summer" was an early and influential emo band originally from Michigan. They existed during 1993 and 1994, and towards the end, would relocate to Oakland, California. Their sound leaned heavily on loud-soft dynamics, pushed to the extremes on either end. Many of their songs built up to chaotic, cathartic climaxes; in which the singer screamed the lyrics (often past the point of easy intelligibility) while the band tore into their instruments. The other end of the spectrum involved spoken or whispered lyrics, coupled with delicately picked single note guitar lines and light drumming. This sound can be traced to current bands such as Envy and Life at These Speeds, who aim for similar cathartic heights.

The band released a 7", a split 7" with Embassy, and split 7 inches with Current and Ordination of Aaron these releases have been posthumously compiled on a nine song discography of material previously available only on vinyl. They also released "Wings of an Angel" on "Eucalyptus Compilation" (2x7") on "Tree Records", "Reflections on Milkweed" on the "Food Not Bombs" compilation LP on "Inchworm Records", and "Sugar Pill" on the "Ghost Dance" compilation (2x7") on "Sla...

years active 1993–1994
music genre Emo (music)
current members Marc Bianchi
Seth Nanaa
Adam Nanaa
Dan Bradley
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source: Wikipedia