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The word "inferno", and similar words, have several meanings. It came via Italian from Latin ''infernus'', which means "being underneath".

* Inferno, an alternate word for Hell, a place or a state of painful suffering according to many religious beliefs

* Inferno, is an alternate word for a large Fire

* Inferno (broomball), the name of an American broomball team

* Inferno (operating system), an operating system for creating and supporting distributed services

* Inferno, a brand of Brunswick bowling balls

* ''Infernus'', a Swedish submersible RIB boat (see subskimmer)

* ''Inferno'', the first volume of Dante Alighieri's ''The Divine Comedy''

* Inferno (DC Comics), a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes published by DC Comics

* ''Inferno'' (Doctor Who), a serial in the British science fiction television series ''Doctor Who''

*Inferno (Exemplar), a supervillain in Marvel Comics.

* ''Inferno'' (Marvel Comics), a crossover in which the X-Men battled demons led by Jean Grey's clone Madelyne Pryor

* ''Inferno'' (novel), a 1976 science fiction novel written by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle

* Inferno (Transformers), an Autobot character in the ''Genera...

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