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Infinite Mass

"Infinite Mass" is a Swedish hip hop group that was formed in 1991.

In 1992 the group won the talent show Swedish Championship of Rap. The same year, they achieved fame when they participated in the movie '' The Seekers'' and released the single "Shoot the Racist" which was later renamed "Area Turns Red". There was some controversy in the Swedish mass media at the time regarding the song's lyrics.

They ended up on the top charts for the first time with the album ''Alwayz Somethang'' (1997) and the single "Caught up in da Game". With the album ''The Face'' (2001) and the songs "She’s A Freak", "Bullet", "Blazin", and "Enter The Dragon" they established a style that is unusual in hip-hop: a G-funk base with a blend of heavy guitars, rapping, singing, and unusual samplings. In 2004 they had a Swedish hit with the song "No. 1 Swartskalle" (''Svartskalle'' is a traditionally derogatory Swedish slang term for a black haired person, often used in reference to non-nordic immigrants.)

Infinite Mass is, along side The Latin Kings and Looptroop, one of the more important groups that has emerged from the Swedish hip hop scene.


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