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Ingram Hill

"Ingram Hill" is a rock band from Memphis, Tennessee.

In the summer of 2000, after attending the University of Memphis childhood friends Justin Moore (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and Phil Bogard (lead guitar) joined with Shea Sowell (bass, background vocals) and Matt Chambless (drums) to form the band. They spent much of the next year and a half touring throughout the south and southeast, making a name for themselves.

In 2002, the band released an EP, ''Until Now'', on Traveler Records, an independent label. The lead singer of Tonic, Emerson Hart, produced five of the tracks on ''Until Now''. As a result of the band's tireless touring efforts over 10,000 copies of ''Until Now'' were sold throughout the country.

Sometime along the way, new songs were written, rehearsed, and recorded to create Ingram Hill's first full length album, ''June's Picture Show''. Once the band found their way to the recording studio in Atlanta they made sure the person behind the controls was worthy of the task. Rick Beato (Charlie Mars, Shinedown, and others) fit the bill. Intended as an independent release, Hollywood Records released the album as part of a new major label deal.

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