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Inspiral Carpets

The "Inspiral Carpets" is an alternative rock band from Oldham in Greater Manchester, England formed by Graham Lambert in 1986.

The "Inspiral Carpets" emerged, alongside bands like Stone Roses and Happy Mondays, from the indie scene of the late 1980s and early 1990s. Their sound is based around harmonic (and often psychedelic) keyboards and jangly guitars. The band were propelled to fame after being 'discovered' by the Radio 1 DJ John Peel and had their greatest chart success in the UK with a single entitled "This is How it Feels", which is a song about loneliness and unemployment.

At the time of their initial success, the band earned some notoriety for their squiggly-eyed cow 'Cool as Fuck' T-shirts; a student at Oxford Polytechnic was prosecuted on obscenity charges for wearing one. One of their roadies, Noel Gallagher, went on to great success with the band Oasis. The band is named after a clothing store in the Oldham neighbourhood.

They reworked their single "Find Out Why" as the theme tune to the ''8:15 from Manchester''.

After an amicable split in the mid-nineties they re-formed with their original line-up in 2001. This was backed with the release of a...

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