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"Integrity" is an American hardcore/metalcore band from Cleveland, Ohio that is largely credited for starting the Metalcore scene.

The band was formed by singer/frontman Dwid Hellion in 1988.

Integrity was a blend of classic horror & religious dementia with a metallic hardcore backbone that was not common in the late 1980s hardcore movement.

Years later a sub-genre in hardcore appeared under the name, "metalcore" and some attribute Integrity as one of the pioneers of this sub-genre.

Guitarist and bassist Lenny and Aaron Melnick were important to the band's sound and songwriting over the years, they quit in 1998 to form In Cold Blood.

Founding member, Dwid Hellion remains with Integrity.

Previous band members have graduated to join: Keelhaul, Terror, Ringworm, Roses Never Fade, Sepultura & Hatebreed.

*''In Contrast of Sin'' 7" EP - Victory Records - 1989

*''Those Who Fear Tomorrow'' - Overkill Records - 1991

*''Den of Iniquity'' - Victory Records - 1993

*''Those Who Still Fear Tomorrow'' - (reissue with bonus material) - Holy Terror/Toybox Records - ...

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