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Iron Cross

"Iron Cross" is a hardcore punk band from Baltimore, Maryland and Washington D.C.. They have always played a rough form of street punk, perhaps among the first American bands to adopt the Oi! and skinhead styles. Even as a youth, lead singer Sab Grey was an extremely imposing figure, both very tall and muscular. The band had close knit ties to the Washington D.C. hardcore scene due to relationships to other bands and friendships with Ian Mackaye and Dischord Records. Grey for a time was even one of the many roommates of the Dischord House in Arlington.

Though the band originally had what would be considered a moderate lifespan for a punk band at 4 years, only a handful of recordings took place. The most notable included 3 songs (''War Games'', ''New Breed'', ''Live for Now'') on Dischord's Flex Your Head compilation. Over the next couple years the band would release 2 self financed demos under the "Skinflint" label.

Because of their limited output, Iron Cross is normally little known outside of Dischord devotees and some hardcore/Oi! circles. One of their songs is perhaps more famous than they ever were. In the mid 1980's, New York hardcore band Agnostic Front began co...

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