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It Bites

It Bites are a progressive rock and pop fusion band formed in Egremont, Cumbria, England, in 1982. The group was a clever mix of post Peter Gabriel Genesis and 10cc with Van Halen like vocals and guitar histronics. The group enjoyed number 6 single chart success in the UK with their only major hit single "Calling All The Heroes".

The band's natural territory was the album charts and on the road, where their fans would turn out in their thousands to show support for a band who never really courted FM radio and the dreaded three and half minute pop song.

Despite a healthy fan-base around the world, It Bites were one of the many progressive pop rock bands to suffer the great cull of the early 90's, when major record labels consolidated their assets, to weather the economic downturn by throwing out musicians in favor of cheaper and cleaner pop stars, to form the huge multinational organizations we know and love today.

==Line up=

  • Francis Dunnery (vocals, guitar)
  • John Beck (keyboards)
  • Dick Nolan (bass)
  • Bob Dalton (drums)


  • The Big Lad In The Windm...
    years active 1986–??
    origin United Kingdom
    music genre Progressive Rock/Pop Rock
    current members Francis Dunnery
    John Beck (musician)
    license: GNU FDL
    source: Wikipedia