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J Church

"J Church" is a San Francisco punk rock band fronted by Lance Hahn formed in 1992. Hahn does the majority of writing and singing in the band and also plays lead guitar. He is the only current founding member, and can be seen as the sole creative force behind the band. Gardner Maxam played bass in the band until 1998, at which point the bass position became as the drums had always been; a quickly revolving door.

"J Church" is named after the San Francisco Muni Metro line that Hahn took down Church Street to work every day. The band has an singles and splits with fellow punk rock bands including Wat Tyler and Nails of Hawaiian.

Lance Hahn is a seasoned punk rock history writer, including many pieces written for Maximum Rock 'n' Roll, the San Francisco music zine.

*Camels, Spilled Coronas and Mariachi Bands

*Nostalgic For Nothing

*One Mississippi

*The Drama of Alienation


*Arbor Vitae

*Honeybear Records



* J Church discography

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