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Mick Jagger

"Sir Michael Philip "Mick" Jagger" (born 26 July, 1943) is an English rock musician, actor, songwriter, record and film producer and businessman. He is most famous for being the lead singer and co-founder with guitarists Brian Jones and Keith Richards of the band The Rolling Stones.

Jagger was born into a middle-class family. His father, Joe, and his paternal grandfather were both teachers; his mother, Eva, an Australian immigrant to England, was an active member of the Conservative Party. He was the older of two sons and was raised to follow in his father's career path. Academically successful, Jagger attended Dartford Grammar School, before entering the London School of Economics on a scholarship. He attended for less than two years and did not graduate; dropping out to pursue a musical career. This decision was not approved by his father and was reluctantly accepted by his mother. Jagger has stated in interviews he did not blame his parents for their mistrust of his choice; even he doubted a life-long career in music was possible.

As a student, Jagger frequented a London club called the Firehouse. At the age of 19, Jagger began performing as a singer. Like Rich...

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