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"The Jags" was a British rock band formed in Scarborough in 1978 and comprised of Nick Watkins (vocals), John "Twink" Adler (guitar), Steve Prudence (bass) and Alex Baird (drums). They signed to Island Records in July 1978 and initially released a promising four-track EP.

On September 8, the single "Back of My Hand", written by Watkins & Adler, entered the UK singles chart. It had a chart life of 10 weeks and peaked at No.17. "Back of My Hand" was included on their debut LP ''Evening Standard'', which was released the following year. Their follow-up single "Woman's World" entered the UK chart on February 2, 1980 at No.75 - dropping out the next week.

1981 saw the release of their second, and what proved to be, final album ''No Tie Like a Present''.

The Jags disbanded in 1982.


* ''Back Of My Hand'' (1979) - UK #17

* ''Woman's World'' (1980) - UK #75

* ''Party Games'' (1980)

* ''Evening Standard'' (1980)

* ''No Tie Like a Present'' (1981)

* ''Guinness Book of British Hit Singles'' 7th Edition - 1988

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Jags, The

Jags, The

Jags, The

Jags, The


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