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Jean Leloup

"Jean Leloup" (born May 14, 1961) is a Quebecois singer-songwriter. Sometimes known as "John the Wolf" in Anglophone contexts, Jean Leloup's colourful personality and unique musical style have made him a star in the francophone rock community.

Born "Jean Leclerc" in Sainte-Foy, Quebec, he grew up in Togo and Algeria where he was influenced by traditional African rhythms. He appeared on the Quebec music scene in the 1980s, making waves with his provocative lyrics – in his song "1990", he compares the high-tech actions of Desert Storm to the sexual activities of himself and his girlfriend. His 1990 album "L'amour est sans pitié" was a hit outside of Quebec, licensed in France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Japan.

Jean Leloup is an important part of Quebec's transforming music scene. Since the Quiet Revolution of the 1960s, Quebec has been developing its identity as a Francophone land as well as its individuality from English speaking North America and other French speaking nations. Leloup is a ''Québécois'' hero for his contribution to the local art scene and the development of the musical culture. Leloup is the recipient of a Felix Award, the Quebec version of...

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