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Jean Sibelius

"Jean Sibelius" (December 8, 1865 – September 20, 1957) was a Finnish composer of classical music, and one of the most popular composers of the late 19th and early 20th century. His music and genius have also played an important role in forming the Finnish national identity.

Sibelius was born into a Swedish-speaking family in Hämeenlinna in the Russian Grand Duchy of Finland. He was named Johan Julius Christian Sibelius and known as Janne to his family, but during his student years he picked up the idea of using the French form of his name, ''Jean,'' from a stack of visiting cards used by his seafaring uncle.

Significantly, against the larger context of the rise of the Fennoman movement and its expressions of Romantic Nationalism, his family decided to send him to an important Finnish language school, and he attended The Hämeenlinna Normal-lycée from 1876 to 1885. Romantic Nationalism was to become a crucial part of Sibelius's artistic output and his politics.

The core of Sibelius's music is his collection of seven symphonies. Like Beethoven, Sibelius used each one to work out a musical idea and/or to further develop his own personal style. These continue to...

date of birth December 8, 1865
place of birth Hämeenlinna, Finland
date of death September 20, 1957
place of death Järvenpää, Finland
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source: Wikipedia