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"Jebediah" is an alternative/pop rock band from Perth, Western Australia.


Jebediah was formed in Perth in 1994 with Kevin Mitchell on vocals and rhythm guitar, Vanessa Thornton on bass, Chris Daymond on lead guitar and Almin on drums. Brett Mitchell replaced Almin on drums soon after. Kevin Mitchell, Thornton and Daymond met at high school while Brett Mitchell had been a drummer with various bands. The band took their name from Jebediah Springfield, the fictional founder of Springfield on The Simpsons.

Jebediah played its first show at a high school formal at the Perth Sheraton under the name ''Jebadiah''. The band had won the National Campus Band Competition in late 1995 leading to an opening slot on the Summersault Music Festival before higher profile bands such as the Foo Fighters and Sonic Youth.


The band recorded the Twitch EP shortly before signing to Murmur, a label of Sony Music, in 1996. The band won its first WAMI award for Best Stage Presence. ''Twitch'' was released in August 1996, debuting at number one on the Western Australian ARIA Chart. Another single, ''Jerks of Attention'', received substantial airplay on the Triple J radio networ...

years active 1994 – present
status active
origin Perth, Western Australia
music genre Alternative Rock
current members Kevin Mitchell
Chris Daymond
Vanessa Thornton
Brett Mitchell
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia