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Jeff is a common given name for a male. It comes from Gaelic originally from "Godfrey", then "Geoffrey". Original meaning is "God's peace". Popular variations include "Jeffrey" and "Jeffery", although the latter is actually a bastardization of the original word, not a true derivation. Jeff may refer to:


  • DJ Jazzy Jeff, an American DJ/turntablist record producer
  • Jeff Beck, an electric guitarist
  • Jeff Buckley, an American singer-songwriter
  • Jeff Graham, a Canadian Radio DJ
  • Jeff Healey, a Canadian blues-rock guitarist
  • Jeff Loomis, lead guitarist for heavy metal band Nevermore
  • Jeff Lynne, a British singer-songwriter and record producer
  • Jeff Porcaro, highly regarded session drummer and founding member of Toto
  • Jeff Tweedy, an American singer-songwriter and founding member of Wilco


  • Jeff Bagwell, a baseball player
  • Jeff Bes, a Canadian ice hockey player
  • Jeff Chandler (boxer), a former boxing champion
  • Jeff Fenech, former boxer...
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