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San Francisco's short-lived power pop band "Jellyfish" was a project of drummer/singer/songwriter Andy Sturmer, keyboard player/multi-instrumentalist Roger Joseph Manning Jr., "Band Witchdoctor and Mime" Chris Manning (Roger Joseph Manning Jr.'s brother who joined the band as bass-player upon the completion of ''Bellybutton'') and guitarist Jason Falkner.

Sturmer and Roger Manning formed Jellyfish after the break-up of their previous band Beatnik Beatch. Prior to joining, Falkner had performed on and written songs for ''Vermillion'' by acclaimed Paisley Underground band The Three O'Clock. Roger had met Falkner a while back even before Beatnik Beatch just looking for someone to jam with and Jason was the only person in the classifieds to mention XTC as a reference. The meeting they had was fun but ultimately amounted to nothing, but in the search for a guitarist before Jellyfish recorded the final tracks Roger gave Jason a call. He contributed to the demos and eventually recorded Bellybutton. Drawing heavily from the Paisley Underground, Queen, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, XTC, Cheap Trick, Wings, and Badfinger, Jellyfish released their debut album Bellybutton in 1990. The alb...

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