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Jerry Goldsmith

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"Jerrald King Goldsmith" (February 10, 1929 – July 21, 2004) was a famous American film score composer from Los Angeles, California. Goldsmith was nominated for eighteen Academy Awards (winning only one, for ''The Omen''), and also won five Emmy Awards.

Goldsmith learned to play the piano at age six. At fourteen, he studied composition, theory and counterpoint with teachers Jacob Gimpel and Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco. Goldsmith attended the University of Southern California, with teacher Miklós Rózsa, who had written the score for the Ingrid Bergman movie ''Spellbound''. Goldsmith developed an interest in writing scores for movies after being inspired by Rózsa.


In 1950, Goldsmith found work at CBS as a clerk in the network's music department. He soon began writing scores for live radio shows. Goldsmith went on to compose the music for several CBS radio and television shows including ''The Twilight Zone''. He remained at CBS until 1960, after which he moved on to Revue Studios, where he would compose music for television shows such as ''Dr. Kildare'' and ''The Man from U.N.C.L.E.''

In 1963,...

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