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Jesse Colin Young

"Jesse Colin Young" (22 November 1941 - ) is an American Singer/Songwriter/Folksinger. His career began in the 1960s Greenwich Village, and he released two solo albums before forming the Youngbloods. The band signed to RCA and released "Grizzly Bear" (written by guitarist Jerry Corbitt), followed by their debut, ''Youngbloods'', in 1967. This album included "Get Together", which became a major hit a few years later when RCA re-released after it was used in a PSA for the National Council of Christians and Jews. Young also wrote a few hits from 1969 and into the 70s, including "Sunlight" and "Darkness, Darkness". The band formed their own Raccoon Records and continued releasing albums until Young disbanded the group in 1972, after his solo album, ''Together'', became a hit. Several more albums and some mainstream success followed, but Young had lost a major label by the 1980s. He continued touring, though, and reformed the Youngbloods for a brief period before beginning recording again in 1987. He has since begun reissuing older material.

Young, Jesse Colin

Young, Jesse Colin

Young, Jesse C

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