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Jesus Jones

Incorporating elements of electronic music styles such as house and techno to an indie rock format, along with fellow British groups such as The Shamen, Pop Will Eat Itself and EMF, Jesus Jones were one of the leading purveyors of the early 1990s "indie dance" scene. The band is led by Mike Edwards.

They achieved initial critical acclaim with their 1989 album Liquidizer, and in particular, the single "Info Freako," which featured buzzing rock guitars with samples and a hip-hop sensibility, relatively new for the time. They are best known for the track "Right Here, Right Now" on the 1991 album Doubt, a song about the swift end of the Cold War, which was a Top 5 hit in both the U.S. and the UK and which was resurrected a decade later as an advertising jingle for the American retailer Kmart, and was used in promotional ads for the now defunct TV , channel, TechTV?. Other hit singles from the "Doubt" album include "Real, Real, Real" and "International Bright Young Thing". In the year that "Doubt" was released, Jesus Jones won th...

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