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Jim Stärk

"Jim Stärk" is a Norwegian pop band formed in 2000. While it is known for melodic, at times melancholy, guitar based songs influenced by folk musicians like Townes Van Zandt and Bob Dylan, Jim Stärk has a distinct musical profile. The band's songs, some of which have attained hit status, are marked by easily recognizable musical lines, yet both its roots and lyrics are somewhat eclectic.

Current members

*Einar Stokke Fadnes (vocals, guitar, piano)

*Inge Sørbrøden (vocals, bass)

*Tom Rudi Torjussen (vocals and percussion)

Former members

*Simen Mæhlum (vocals, percussion)

*Asbjørn Ribe (vocals, keyboard)

* Albums

** ''Ten Songs And Hey Hey'' (2002)

** ''No Time Wasted'' (2003)

** ''Morning Songs'' (2004)

** ''Jim Stärk'' (2005)

* Singles

** ''You´re The One That I Want'' with Claudia Scott (2003)

* Compilations

** ''Ten Songs And Hey Hey - No Time Wasted'' Vinyl edition (2003)

* Awarded Alarmprisen as Norway's best band in 2005.

The band's name alludes to the character Jim Stark portrayed by James Dean in the 1955 movie ''Rebel Without a Cause''.

* Official site including tracks from the late...

years active 2000 - present
origin Norway
music genre pop music
current members Einar Stokke Fadnes
Inge Sørbrøden
Tom Rudi Torjussen
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia