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Jimmy Driftwood

"James Corbitt Morris" (20 June 1907 – 12 July 1998) — better known as "Jimmy Driftwood" or "Jimmie Driftwood" — was a prolific United States folk songwriter and musician, most famous for his songs ''The Battle of New Orleans'' and ''Tennessee Stud''.

Driftwood was born in Mountain View, Arkansas on 20 June 1907. Driftwood's father was folk singer Neil Morris. Driftwood learned to play guitar at a young age on his grandfather's homemade instrument. Driftwood used the unique guitar throughout his career and noted that its neck was made from a fence rail, its sides from an old ox yoke, and the head and bottom from the headboard of a bed. This homemade instrument produced a pleasant distinctive resonant sound. Driftwood attended John Brown College in northwest Arkansas and later received a degree in education from Arkansas Teacher's College. He started writing songs during his teaching career in order to teach his students history in an entertaining manner.

During the 1920s and 1930s Driftwood left Arkansas and took to the road. Eventually hitchhiking his way through the southwestern United States. In Arizona he entered, and ...

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